They say the best way to discover a city is to wander around it. And we stand by that one hundred percent.

Enjoy Limassol like a local. Stroll around the paved streets and explore the old town alleys, with an abundance of traditional taverns, funky bars and local shops.

Must see places close to our hotel include:

Limassol is a town that perfectly marries the old and the modern. The picturesque old harbour of the city has been turned into an amazing little fishing harbour and its surrounding area is a top tourist hotspot. The fishing harbour is by far the main attraction and beauty of the area, where fishermen’s boats come and go, carrying the catch of the day. Visiting the newly transformed area is like taking a trip back in time. The new shops that have opened combined with the liveliness of the port, bring back fond memories of the city’s glorious times. Besides wandering and exploring the area, visitors now also have a plethora of gastronomical and entertainment options to choose from as restaurants and cafes, as well as shops of every kind that satisfy the moods of visitors.

Limassol’s lively Old Town is made up of winding narrow streets, starting from the old port, ready to be explored. The Old Town, which is the heart of Limassol, is home to fascinating historic gems as well as lively shopping streets. The area is popular with tourists and locals alike.

The winding alleys of the Old Town surround Limassol’s grandiose Medieval Castle, which is now home to the Cyprus Medieval Museum. Wander around Anexartisias Street, which is a top shopping area and purchase traditional Cyprus souvenirs like lace, wine, olive oil and honey. For those interested in discovering the true Cypriot culture, the Municipal Market is the place to be. The market is held from Monday to Saturday and it is where most locals prefer to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, meat as well as other household goods.

Another must-visit spot is the Turkish quarter with its inspiring Grand Mosque. The 16th century Grand Mosque, which is encircled by soaring palm trees, is still being used by Muslims and Turkish Cypriots who reside in Limassol. While exploring the Turkish quarter, you will also come across the oldest Ottoman graveyard, which is a definite must-visit.

Finally, you should also add Agia Napa Cathedral to your sightseeing bucket list. The cathedral is found on the edge of Limassol’s Old Town and is well-worth your visit just to admire the amazing twin-towered frontage, which architecture is based on the Greek Orthodox religious architectural style.

The Limassol Medieval Castle is found in the heart of the city’s Old Town. It is said that Richard Lionheart married Berengaria of Navarre, who was crowned as the Queen of England in 1191, at the Medieval Castle. The walls of the castle are of significant archaeological interest and considered to be part of a much larger fort. 

The exact date the castle was constructed is unknown. However, consistent with Etienne de Lusignan, the castle was constructed in 1193 by Guy de Lusignan, who was the founder of the Lusignan dynasty. Nonetheless, the first official reference to the Medieval Castle was made in 1228, when German Frederic II was involved with Cyprus affairs.

Through the passage of time, the Medieval Castle underwent attacks by various invaders. In both 1567 and 1568 the castle suffered damages due to earthquakes. In 1590, the Ottomans reconstructed the castle to its present form. Apparently, the old castle was much larger than the present one, which also includes some parts of the older construction like the two oblong halls found on the ground floor. Underneath the eastern hall, there are cells which up until the 1950 were used as prison cells. Currently, the Medieval Castle is home to the fascinating Cyprus Medieval Museum.

The famous Limassol Promenade is an all-time-favourite amongst holidaymakers due to its amazing seaside views and palm-dotted trees. The coastal Promenade is a recreational area amongst adults and children alike, as visitors may visit the beach, have fun at the various water parks as well as visit one of the plethora of restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, pubs and shops selling products ranging from traditional souvenirs to up-scale designer clothes. Another fascinating attraction found along the beachside boulevard is the amazing Sculpture Park, where more than 20 outdoor sculptures are exhibited, designed by famed local and foreign designers such as George Tsaras and Helene Black. The area is also popular as most holidaymakers love mingling with the friendly and welcoming locals. Take a leisurely stroll along the Promenade and soak in the views as well as the experience.

The Carob Mill Museum is found in the heart of Limassol’s historic Old Town. The complex of stone-built warehouses that currently house the Lanitis Carob Mill were used to store carobs in the past before being exported from the Old Harbour to all corners of the world.

The inspiring warehouses have been restored, while maintaining their original form. Besides housing the fascinating Carob Mill Museum, the warehouses are also used as event venues.

The Carob Mill Museum showcases ancient tools and machinery that were once used for the carob industry, transporting visitors back in time. In the past, carob trade was a major source of livelihood for the people of Limassol. The actual carob produce was often describes as ‘black gold’ due to the carobs great value.  

The luxurious Limassol Marina is an elite waterfront development that was designed by renowned engineers and architects. The new marina is an area made up of luxury residences, an attractive mix of restaurants, shops, and cafes as well as a full-service marina. The concept behind the marina was to portray how life is by the sea. 

The Marina can anchor up to 650 yachts and is home to 74 villas which have private berths or access to the beach and/or commercial area as well as 162 elite sea view apartments, all a mere breath away from Limassol’s busy and lively city centre.

Discover the captivating world of the Paradox Museum, a must-visit destination in Limassol Marina. This extraordinary museum is dedicated to offering engaging, entertaining, and educational experiences that resonate with visitors of all ages. The Paradox Museum showcases a fantastic collection of mind-bending, eye-deceiving displays that challenge one’s perception and create lasting impressions.

Their ultimate aspiration is to carve a niche in your memory bank of stories as a place where fun, happiness, and learning coexist. Take advantage of the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery, where each twist and turn offers a new perspective on the world around us. Add the Paradox Museum to your list of must-see attractions when visiting Limassol, Cyprus.